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You can bet I was tempted to name this article "Big Bagel Energy," and to be honest, I don't know why I didn't. I think I just preferred the alliteration, so yeah, now you know my thought process without even asking, haha. As you can tell, this article is going to be about big bangles, and I mean BIG—the bigger, the better. And yes, I've been rewatching "Sex and the City" for the past few weeks, hence my never ending references. But never mind! Let's get to it!

Every once in a blue moon, something inspires me so much that I can't help but write about it, prompting me to revive my blog. I guess there's a "blue moon" right now because the blog was calling my name—or rather, the oversized arm candy flooding my feed was.

There’s no denying that the fashion of 2008-2010 has been making a comeback on the runways lately, with capri pants and tunics on the rise. Along with these trends come the accessories of that era, particularly long necklaces and chunky arm candy.

// Source: Gianfranco Ferré, FW08 //

In spring 2008, Gianfranco Ferré featured big wooden bangles in his collection at Milan Fashion Week. Honestly, these could have been showcased a couple of weeks ago, and I wouldn't have known the difference.

// No. 01 - HERE (click!) // No. 02 - HERE (click!) // No. 03 - HERE (click!) //

I'm thinking of incorporating more handcrafted and vintage pieces here. What do you think? Not that you can answer me, because I have no comment section, but I think we can agree it would be nice. It feels more sustainable, though the downside is that these pieces will sell out quicker. First come, first served it is!

// Source: Balmain, Ready-to-wear SS23 //

As I mentioned, the Gianfranco Ferré picture could have been shot yesterday, or at least last year during Balmain's Ready-to-Wear spring collection. I do like the added golden touch.

// Source: Instagram @chiaravoliani // Source: Rick Owens SS20 //

And honestly, it's impossible—if not slightly illegal—not to be crushing on and gushing over these women. Rick Owens' wife looks like such a powerhouse, and the same goes for jewelry designer Chiara Voliani. Command+C → Command+V on their accessories!

// No. 01 - HERE (click!) // No. 02 - HERE (click!) // No. 03 - HERE (click!) //

Source: Pinterest

This is like a fishbowl-on-your-arm kind of scenario, which I personally really like. Or a jellyfish. Pick your poison. If you like it, you can buy a similar one HERE (click!).

// Source: Veronique Branquinhos, Paris, SS14 //

Creamy tones are also really nice if you feel that dark wood and amber are too "heavy." This is Veronique Branquinho's collection at Paris Fashion Week in fall 2013.

// No. 01 - HERE (click!) // No. 02 - HERE (click!) // No. 03 - HERE (click!) //

With this post, I guess I'm back to posting here. Or at least, that's my vision. It's funny how I always feel the most inspired when I'm already chin-deep in work. Well, that's life. Hope to catch you soon!

Over and out, peeps!


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