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During my time selling sunglasses, there was a particular reference image that women showed time and time again when trying to describe what they were looking for. I think I swore I saw the picture more times than my own ID card, haha! While some had seen the movie in which the image appears, others were completely unaware of its origin but no matter what, everyone wanted to know which sunglasses the beautiful woman in the image was hiding behind. What few know is that even Princess Diana's personal favorites came from the same brand!

As I said, I think that the vast majority of people are familiar with the iconic image of Audrey Hepburn in her wide hat and glamorous earrings peeking out from behind her sunglasses. For decades, fashion houses and designers have tried to imitate the model she wears but although some have come close, nothing beats the timeless elegance of the original if you ask me.

The large sunglasses with wide plastic frame in brown tortoise and pale green lens were originally designed by Oliver Goldsmith. The model is called Manhattan and is still available for purchase HERE (click!).

// Sunglasses "Manhattan" - HERE (click!) //

The brand was founded back in 1926 by Philip Oliver Goldsmith who traveled around markets and made a living selling spectacle frames made from genuine tortoise shells. In 1930 his son Charles joined the company and during the Second World War they produced glasses for the British Army. When the war was over, they began sketching their first sunglasses and it was Charles who, together with his sons Andrew and Reymond, designed the glasses that came to be worn and loved by icons such as Princess Diana, Michael Caine and Audrey Hepburn. During the mid-80s, production ceased and the brand fell into oblivion until its relaunch in 2005.

The model that Diana liked to wear on all occasions and had in more than one color is called Berwick and is available for purchase HERE (click!).

// Sunglasses "Berwick" - HERE (click!) //

One result of the brand choosing to go MIA for 20 years is that few know their influence on sunglass fashion in the 60s and 70s. Instead, they are often confused with RayBan, Celine and Dior, which have similar models. Today, the company is managed by Philip's great-grandson Clair Goldsmith and production now takes place in Italy. Unfortunately, OG does not work with that many retailers, so the chance that you will have the opportunity to try their models at an optician is currently very small. If you don't want to take a chance and order online, there are, as mentioned above, similar models that are much easier to get hold of and test in stores.


// No. 01 - HERE (click!) // No. 02 - HERE (click!) // No. 03 - HERE (click!) // No. 04 - HERE (click!) // No. 05 - HERE (click!) // No. 06 - HERE (click!) //



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