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Hate to love them or love to hate them but The Kardashians know how to market. I've been wanting to try Skims ever since Kim launched the brand in June 2019 but for some unknown reason haven't until now. Here is my completely honest and unfiltered opinion.

IMPORTANT! Before I dive into my review of the products and the customer experience, I feel a responsibility to highlight the problem with shapewear. There are so many topics and questions that can be discussed here - why do we want to reshape our bodies? Why is a certain body shape considered more attractive than another? Who are we really doing it for? And can we really love ourselves if we manipulate our appearance? So many questions and I admit that I lack answers to the vast majority. However, I want to extend a hand to those of you who have clicked under this heading and who have a complicated relationship with their body (because I know that you [EDIT: we] are many) and I want to remind you that you, like me themselves are created to perfection already at birth. I also realize the double standard in that I say this and at the same time have bought and will review products that to some extent reshape my body. Believe me, I hear it myself.

If there's one thing I want you to keep in mind as you read this, though, it's that I've never been even 1% happier looking slimmer, curvier, more muscular, thicker, taller, paler, or tanner.

It sounds cliche but I've been at all ends of the scale so believe me when I say that happiness is never on the outside. I could flip and flip the coin endlessly but that is not what this article is going to be about. Continue reading if you are interested but do it with love for yourself <3



I have to honestly say that this customer experience was one of the best I've had both inside and outside of Sweden, which is completely insane considering that it's an American website. The site is easy to navigate, and very aesthetically pleasing. A big plus is that most sizes and colors were in stock, which is unusual when it is a very popular and internationally sought-after brand. Also, I appreciated the variety of models, I really think everyone can find someone to relate to on a look-wise level.


Again very pleasantly surprised. It took a total of four working days (Tues-Fri) from placing my order until DHL delivered the package to my door.


It's on average more expensive than H&M but cheaper than Twilfit I'd say (absolutely crazy how expensive Twilfit is!?). Also liked that it was free shipping worldwide. Important to remember, however, is that there is an additional duty!

// Bodysuit - HERE (click!) //


Hahaha, try saying that without taking a breath! Joking aside, I loved this bodysuit. It is smooth as water and fits like a charm! The only thing that I feel is worth mentioning is that the color ONYX is not black. Personally, I like the graphite-gray-almost-black color, but if you're looking for an all-black bodysuit, this isn't it.

// Thong - HERE (click!) //


Agnother a big hit! For a former shapewear wearer like myself, I experienced a bit of a corset feeling at first but I got used to it quickly and it wasn't uncomfortable, claustrophobic or painful. It's thong so no panty lines as far as the eye can see and rubber holds it in place at the top and prevents the hem from "rolling down" or bunching up. Also love that they are seamless and thus have no sharp edges.

// Biker Shorts - HERE (click!) //


This was somewhat of a disappointment I must say. Lots of defined parts, or "patches" for lack of a better word, that are supposed to sit in different places on the thighs and bum (and thus shape them I guess?) but it just results in an abundance of fabric and seams that can be seen through the clothes. In addition, I discovered to my surprise that one of the seams had come up and caused a tear in the fabric. Bad bad.

The bottom line is that I am pleasantly surprised if you ignore the cycling pants. I will definitely shop there again but now I know to watch out for seams and that the color onyx is not black. Hope you found this little review valuable!



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