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i and welcome to my little corner of the internet.  My name is Alva and I am 20 years old. Though I feel like 52. Or maybe 11. Or really anything but 20 quite honestly. So if you are expecting a 20 year old blog

about partying, guys, buddy drama, travel and makeup you will be disappointed, I hate the taste of alcohol, Robinson is the only drama in my life and I have never been in a love relationship in my entire life. So not even close. I'm probably Stockholm's youngest eternal single . I like makeup per se, so there can be some talk about that. Travel with for that matter. And fashion. Mainly fashion. Right now I practice on a clothing brand which I love. When I'm not working, I train, watch Marvel or build Lego. I can get really nerdy. So nerdy that I have RIDDICULUS from Harry Potter tattooed on my forearm. I hang out with friends a bit too, but I would hang out with them a lot more if I was just a little better at getting in touch and answering text messages. I probably spend most of my time with my mother. Some may find it sad, I think it's wonderful. Mostly. Our relationship is best described as the one between Lorelai and Rory in Gilmore Girls I would say. In fact, my life is very much like Rory's. Minus all the guys she dates then. Then I probably have a little more anxiety than she has. In fact, I can have  quite  so much anxiety at times, but that's a different story. Shit what a bible it was and I'm far from done. You can simply read the blog if you want to know more. Sick if you would really like to know more. I would never want to know more about myself. I would also never get myself to read a blog, least of all if it was about me. But that's another five. 

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