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Now the bathing season is here and everyone is cheering (except me who is the northern hemisphere's biggest hot tub, haha). One thing I love, however, is stylish swimwear and the range is endless if you just dare to take a step away from the classic and large store chains. In this article, I therefore suggest stylish bikinis and swimsuits from brands that you have most likely never heard of. I also share what I usually think of when I invest in slightly more expensive swimwear.

When I look for swimwear, there are mainly two things I have in mind - color and fit. As you know by now, my entire wardrobe and life goes on a gray / black / beige / white scale and so do my bikinis and swimsuits. This is advantageous for several reasons other than that it is nice, it is much easier to mix neutral bikini tops and bottoms from different brands if the top or bottom is worn out because you do not have to take the pattern or shade into account. Great if you want to think sustainably and financially! Another thing that I think is important is to find a model that suits me and not buy a bikini that fits strangely just because it is trendy. Good fit is a trend that never dies.

// No. 01 (top) - HERE (click!) // No. 01 (bottom) - HERE (click!) // No. 02 (top) - HERE (click!) // No. 02 (bottom) - HERE (click!) // No. 03 - HERE (click!) // No. 04 (top) - HERE (click!) // No. 04 (bottom) - HERE (click!) // No. 05 - HERE (click!) // No. 06 - HERE (click!) // No. 07 (top) - HERE (click!) // No. 07 (bottom) - HERE (click!) // No. 08- HERE (click!) //

Hope you found something you liked. If nothing else I suggested to defendants, I recommend taking a look at Seezona's website to discover lots of cool brands.




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