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Ladies, frost yourselves. One of my favorite movie quotes of all time, haha! Jokes aside, I'm a real magpie when it comes to everything that sparkles. I probably weigh a kilo more when I wear all my jewelry, no joke! Here I share my favorites. I have received the products in the article in a press release from Sif Jacobs, but that does not affect my opinion of them. Some of my favorites are also on sale!

// Earrings - HERE (click!) // Bracelet (sale) - HERE (click!) // Ring - HERE (click!) // Earrings (sale) - HERE (click!) //

My style when it comes to jewelry I would describe as classic elegant with a modern twist. Usually I only wear gold as I think it suits my skin tone best but it also happens that I mix gold and silver. One of my favorite rings for several years back is actually this ring (click!) From Drakenberg Sjölin. Just like with fashion inspiration, I find jewelry inspiration a bit everywhere but mainly in movies and old photographs from Hollywood's gold in the 30's. It should be small brilliant- or emerald-cut diamonds, pearls on ribbons and links from Bismarck.

If you turn the pancake over, this is (click!) a trend I absolutely do not understand and which (unfortunately) has been delayed until this year, so insanely ugly if you ask me and I blame everything on TikTok. But the taste is divided and luckily it is.

An odd thing I also weigh in when I buy jewelry is their name, not the brand name but the names they have given their jewelry. For example, this series of jewelry is called Capri and you so long here have known that it is one of my favorite places on earth. That's why the jewelry feels a little extra special <3



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