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Stylish training clothes and tools are among the best and most fun I know to shop. Mainly because it combines my two biggest interests in life - training and fashion. Here I share my favorites in the training wardrobe and some jewels I wish were there right now.

// Sport top - HERE (click!) // Hand Cream - HERE (click!) // Tennis Dress - HERE (click!) // Cap - HERE (click!) // Water Bottle - HERE (click!) // Biker Shorts - HERE (click!) // Pilates Ball - HERE (click!) // Socks - HERE (click!) // Ribbed top - HERE (click!) // Sneakers - HERE (click!) // Foam Roller - HERE (click!) // Ankle Weights - HERE (click!) //

Then I just have to mention the collab on everyone's lips right now. Jacquemus x Nike is a collection created in heaven, I just say, I'm so happy that the tennis and golf style is back, there is no more luxurious sports fashion!



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