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Updated: Jun 19, 2022

There is no doubt that I love jackets - not least black ones. I could shop myself to death on just black blazers, but in the name of honesty, you only need one, carefully selected and of good quality that you know will live above the trends of the seasons.

Right now, oversized blazers with wide shoulders and a loose fit are trending. While I like that style and sometimes want to invest in it, I am also aware that it is a fashion that will eventually pass. My tip for those who like the "oversize" trend is to try to find a so-called compromise design, ie a blazer that "flirts" with the trend while staying within the framework of what is considered "classic". For example, the blazer should not be both wide, long, have shoulder pads and large strokes. Only having one oversized element can be enough to make the blazer still feel modern but at the same time not go out of style.

Below I suggest eight blazers that I think qualify in this category of timeless jackets that at the same time feel modern and updated.


// No. 01- HERE (click!) // No. 02- HERE (click!) // No. 03- HERE (click!) // No. 04- HERE (click!) // No. 05- HERE (click!) // No. 06- HERE (click!) // No. 07- HERE (click!) // No. 08- HERE (click!)) //


When investing in blazer, it is always good to go for a classic fit since fashion trends come and go. Oversized blazers are trending at the moment and although I love it I know that it is a trend that will pass eventually. Therefore, when I am on the lookout for nice blazers worth my money, I opt for ones that have only one, if any, oversized design elements like having shoulder pads, a wide fit or a broad lapels. By only incorporating one trendy element I ensure that the blazer will stand the test of time much better in regards to trends.



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